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2007 Jack Taylor Memorial

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The Victoria Chess Club Presents:


The 2007 Jack Taylor Memorial

Nov. 24-25, 2007





WFM Valeria Gansvind and Roger Patterson shared first place, drawing with each other in the 4th round and winning every other game.


Top under 1850 was Bill Tate and Josh Renaud.


Attendence was good with the number of particpants up by 50% from the last few years.



Games pgn format



The happy (?) winners:



Previous winners of the Jack Taylor Memorial (Thanks to Stephen Wright)





#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotPrize
1WFM Valeria Gansvind1350482302W11W7W4D2W64.51-2
2Roger Patterson1030432254W12W3W5D1W44.51-2
3Harry Moore1011442303W15L2W7D6W103.5
4Howard Wu1054332257W14W10L1W5L23.0
5Paul Leblanc1041861955W8W18L2L4W133.0
6Charlie Oskan1433891927H---W8W9D3L13.0
7Bill Tate 1059521826W17L1L3W16W143.0U1850
8Josh Renaud1348451304L5L6W16W19WF153.0U1850
9Charlie Jarquin 1470001842H---W13L6W11U---2.5
10Philip Boyle1103321683W19L4H---W12L32.5
11Sam Churchill 1238491670L1W14H---L9W192.5
12Darren Bates1243081603L2H---W19L10W162.5
13Deron Stewart 1424131434H---L9W18W15L52.5
14Stewart Paulson1286091604L4L11W17W18L72.0
15Chris Mugford1094301672L3W17H---L13F81.5
16Lynn Stringer1002051514D18W19L8L7L121.5
17Braden RustandNewunr.L7L15L14H---U---0.5
18Dave Harper1435401106D16L5L13L14U---0.5
19Andrei Vojakine.newunr.L10L16L12L8L110.0

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