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2008 Victoria Chess Festival

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2008 Victoria Chess Festival


The 2008 Victoria Chess Festival held March 21-24, 2008 comprised three events:

The Grand Pacific Scholastic Chess Tournament; A 5 round Active Swiss in 3 sections for Juniors.

The Grand Pacific Open; The main event. A 6 round FIDE & CFC rated Swiss with a $2000 guaranteed prize fund.

Open Bughouse Tournament; aka Siamese chess.


In addition, a lecture on Saturday by FM Bindi Cheng was part of the Festival.


Attendance at the Festival exceeded expectations with 83 players in the main event, double last year's attendance.


Winners in the main event, the Grand Pacific Open, were:


1st FM Bindi Cheng with 6 points receving a trophy and $500.

2nd (on tiebreak) Roger Patterson with 5 points receiving a trophy, $200 and the qualifying spot for the next BC Closed*.

3rd-4th FM David R. Bragg and Noam Davies with 5 points receiving $200 each.


1st under 2000 Kelvin Cletheroe with 4.5 points receiving a trophy and $300.

2nd-5th under 2000 Jack Cheng, Jingzhou Lai, Tanraj Sohal, and Bill Tate with 4 points receiving $62.50 each.


1st under 1600 (on tiebreak) Joshua Renaud with 3.5 points receiving a trophy and $150.

2nd under 1600 Victoria Jung Doknjas with 3.5 points receiving a trophy and $150.

3rd-7th under 1600 Deron Stewart, Tim Rhodes, Nathan Martin, Jeremy Hui, and Malcolm Bowles with 3 points receiving $10 each.


1st under 1200 (on tiebreak) Justin Wong with 2.5 points receiving a trophy.

2nd under 1200 Alejandro Torres Lopez with 2.5 points receiving a trophy.

3rd under 1200 Daniel Lee with 2 points receiving a trophy.


* The BCCF informs us that Bindi Cheng has already qualified for the next BC Closed by virtue of winning the BC Junior Championship. 

The GPO qualifying spot therefore goes to the next ranked BC player on tiebreak.


Congratulations to all of the winners.

Thanks too, to Chief Arbiter Mark S. Dutton, I.A. and to Assistant Arbiter Lynn Stringer, I.A.


A special prize donated by Envision Financial to the player who traveled the furthest went to Olafur Kristjansson, all the way from Iceland!

Roger Patterson (left) and Olafur Kristjansson from Iceland.


Champagne, glasses and cedar box donated by Envision Financial.




A best sportsman award was made to Alejandro Torres-Lopez for being so understanding with an opponent's ferry delay


Some notable upsets were Joshua Renaud (1452) beating James Chan (2102), Joshua Renaud (again!) drawing IM Lawrence Day (2312), and Jingzhou Lai (1610) beating Glen Morin (2276).


See Wallchart or Standings for the final crosstable.


Game Scores:  are posted here.


FIDE Rating Changes 




Our New Champion, FM Bindi Cheng (playing FM David Bragg)


More photos (uncaptioned) here.

Even more photos here including the award ceremonies.


TV Video


You can see a TV news report on one of the juniors here (requires Windows Media Player)


Grand Pacific Scholastic Results

K-3  1st Iain Ang  2nd Tony Liu  3rd Joshua Doknjas

4-7  1st Yiming Han  2nd Yifei Han 3rd Donovan Zhao

8-12  1st Dylan parker  2nd TianTian Geng  3rd Alejandro Torres-Lopez


Bughouse Tournament Results

Team Name Members Rating   Section
NastEE BoiZ Ben "Grimey" Daswani and Noam "Dirtbag" Davies 4287 1st Place >12
The Abstract Nouns Sam Churchill and Josh Renaud   2nd Place >12
The Geriatrics Harry Moore and Glenn Morin   3rd Place >12
Beef Howard Wu and James Chan   3rd Place >12
Top Two Alejandro Torres-Lopez and Foster Tom   1st Place ≤12
The Two Heads Tanraj Sohal and Moise Herringer   2nd Place ≤12
The Grand Pacific Yiming Han and Dylan Parker   3rd Place ≤12
Other Teams         
Team Rocket Evan and Elliot Raymer      
2 Seeds Ivo Wright and Ryan Lo      
You going so down You going up Algerd Karavai and Yifei Han      
  Tony Liu and Jill Ding      
  Sebastien Guillemot and Garrett Peterson      
  Justin Wong and Daniel Lee      
  TianTian Geng and Bill Liu      
  Jack Cheng and Alexandra Botez      


Thanks to all of our sponsors and volunteers!



Results from the 2007 Victoria Chess Festival

2007 Victoria Chess Festival

Photos from the 2007 Grand Pacific Open



Our Sponsors:



Gold Level Sponsors Victoria Chess Festival

Contributor - Prizes for Scholastic Tournament


Chess First


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