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2009 Jack Taylor Memorial

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The 24th Annual Jack Taylor Memorial Chess Tournament


A 5 round Swiss Nov. 21-22, 2009


23 people attended the 24th annual Jack Taylor - a 15% increase over the last few years and near the record high attendence for this tournament of 24.   This was despite the tournament not being CFC rated.  The tournament benefited from several Vancouver players desparately searching for some action plus a visitor from Washington and another from Germany.


Howard Wu won his 2nd in a row Jack Taylor Memorial with 4 wins and 1 bye  for 4.5 points worth $75.   He managed to bypass the other likely contenders who all self destructed in one way or another.


Tied for Top  U1800 were Joe Roback from Vancouver, Jason Cao (who missed an 11th hour draw against Valeria Gansvind), and Ken Foreman:  all with 3 points worth $17 each.


Thanks to our TD Mark S. Dutton, IA and all those who participated.


You can see a crosslinked crosstable here:  There is also a regular standings chart at the end of the page


As regards this tournament not being CFC rated: This tournament is intended to be a low cost entry point for new players (entry fee of $25).   The current CFC membership fee structure is not compatible with that goal, effectively doubling the cost of the entry fee for new players.  Of the 23 players, only 11 were current CFC members,  7 were expired members, and 5 have never been a CFC member.   I know of 2 people who did not play because it was not CFC rated and I know of 3-4 who would not have played had it been CFC rated.


Organizer: Roger Patterson

TD:  Mark S. Dutton, I.A.


Previous Jack Taylor Memorials:

2008 Jack Taylor Memorial

2007 Jack Taylor Memorial

2006 Jack Taylor Memorial

List of Previous Winners of the Jack Taylor Memorial (Thanks to Stephen Wright)





The final round:  Paul Leblanc vs Howard Wu, Harry Moore vs Valeria Gansvind, and at the back Garth Edgar vs Nick Milonas







Mark S. Dutton, I.A. - Tournament Director - FINAL STANDINGS - November 21-22, 2009

# Name Rtng   Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Wu, Howard 2206   W11 W15 H--- W5 W6 4.5
2 WFM Gansvind, Valeria 2277   W17 L13 W10 W14 W7 4.0
3 Steininger, Gavin 2270   L9 W19 W16 W13 W8 4.0
4 Patterson, Roger 2246   W10 W14 D5 L6 W15 3.5
5 Schemm, Michael A. 2036   W12 W16 D4 L1 W13 3.5
6 Leblanc, Paul 1851   W18 W8 H--- W4 L1 3.5
7 Moore, Harry 2201   H--- W9 W13 H--- L2 3.0
8 Trochtchanovitch, Pavel 2090   W20 L6 W17 W15 L3 3.0
9 Roback, Joe 1742   W3 L7 L14 W20 W18 3.0
10 Cao, Jason 1742   L4 W18 L2 W21 W16 3.0
11 Forman, Ken 1717   L1 W23 L12 W17 W14 3.0
12 Stewart, Deron 1571   L5 H--- W11 L16 W21 2.5
13 Tang, Edward 2020   W19 W2 L7 L3 L5 2.0
14 Diemecke, Pablo 1908   W22 L4 W9 L2 L11 2.0
15 Herbst, Timothy 1853   W23 L1 W20 L8 L4 2.0
16 Tate, Bill 1837   W21 L5 L3 W12 L10 2.0
17 Geng, Tian Tian 1784   L2 W22 L8 L11 W23 2.0
18 Straka, Peter 1212   L6 L10 W22 W19 L9 2.0
19 Milonas, Nick 1438   L13 L3 H--- L18 W22 1.5
20 Stanislaw, Michael 1626   L8 W21 L15 L9 U--- 1.0
21 McFetridge, Robert 908   L16 L20 W23 L10 L12 1.0
22 Edgar, Garth 1359   L14 L17 L18 D23 L19 0.5
23 Merino, Luis 1352   L15 L11 L21 D22 L17 0.5







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