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Active Tournament 2008

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Olympic Team Fundraiser Active

Aug. 16, 2008


A 5 round Active Tournament with all entry fees going to support the Canadian Olympic Chess Team.



16 players participated in this event and an additional 4 people helped out by donating to the cause. In total, $245 was raised for the Olympic Team.


Glen Morin was the clear winner, leading througout the tournament. Lorne Hunt took the 2nd place trophy, losing only to Glen.

Jackie Brien played in her first tournament in a while vowing to shake off the rust and did so handily, taking the U1600 trophy.


Donations were made by Harry Moore, Howard Wu, Jim Foley, Brian Raymer, and Lynn Stringer.


Expenses were covered by Roger Patterson and Paul Leblanc.



Thanks to all those who came, who helped out, and who donated.


Final standing are given below as well as a few pictures.


Our TD: Mark S. Dutton, IA.


The players in the last round looking from board 1:


The players in the last round looking from the last board:



SwissSys Standings. 2008 VICTORIA Olympic Fundraiser ACTIVE


# Name Rtng   Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prize
1 Glen Morin 2200   W7 W6 W5 W2 D4 4.5 1st (trophy)
2 Lorne Hunt 1851   W14 W8 W9 L1 W6 4.0 2nd (trophy)
3 Roger Patterson 2243   W13 H--- H--- D5 W9 3.5  
4 Paul Leblanc 1977   W10 L5 W13 W8 D1 3.5  
5 Tony Weller 1780   W16 W4 L1 D3 W8 3.5  
6 Al Holzknech 1823   W11 L1 W10 W9 L2 3.0  
7 Jackie Brien 1536   L1 L9 W16 W14 W11 3.0 U1600 (trophy)
8 Chris Eve 1739   W15 L2 W14 L4 L5 2.0  
9 Philip Boyle 1674   W12 W7 L2 L6 L3 2.0  
10 Boris Polonsky 1500   L4 W12 L6 L11 W16 2.0  
11 Nick Milonas 1400   L6 L14 W12 W10 L7 2.0  
12 Garth Edgar unr.   L9 L10 L11 W16 W14 2.0  
13 Deron Stewart 1574   L3 W16 L4 U--- U--- 1.0  
14 Sam Hudson 1450   L2 W11 L8 L7 L12 1.0  
15 Jim Foley unr.   L8 H--- H--- U--- U--- 1.0  
16 Scott Laidman unr.   L5 L13 L7 L12 L10 0.0  


Organizers: Paul Leblanc, Roger Patterson, Lynn Stringer

TD: Mark S. Dutton, I.A.


Website: www.victoriachessclub.pbwiki.com


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