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Club History

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Victoria Chess Club

From its beginning in 1892 until 1941, the original club was known as the Victoria Chess Club.  In 1932 a new club was formed, the Victoria City Chess Club which supplanted the old Victoria Chess Club on its demise in 1941.

On July 9 th , 1964 the club was registered with the province as a society under the new name Victoria City Chess Club. The following were listed as directors: Charles Birch (President), Reginald Randall Bennett, Albert George Moody, Gerald Francis Topham and Frank Reginald Hasse. On April 6 th , 1982 the club was de-registered by the province, not having filed an annual report since November 2 nd , 1973. The club however continued to meet at various addresses between 1964 and 1992.

In the 1970’s the club merged with the Gordon Head Chess Club. The Gordon Head club had begun meeting in 1971 at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre and was re-named the King’s Head Chess Club for a few years prior to the merger with the Victoria City Chess Club in 1976. On December 30 th , 1992, the club was registered again and adopted the historic name Victoria Chess Club with the following listed as officers: Jordan Tinney (President), Lynn Stringer, Alois Holzknecht, Edward Seedhouse and Dan Scoones.


Club member Paul Leblanc has amassed a large amount of material covering the history of chess in Victoria from newspaper archives, personal anecdotes, CounterPlay (the BCCF official magazine of record for many years) and other sources.   Links are below (large files - be patient).


History Files by year:












Victoria Chess Club (historic)
1892 Rev. J.B. Hewetson
1895 Peter Schwengers
1896 Maj. B. Williams
1897 T. Lawrie
1902 A.F. Gibson
1908 W.S. Sutton
1913 Aaron Gonnason

1930 Aaron Gonnason

1931 William Marchant

Victoria City Chess Club

1932 T.E. Ainscough

1934 Frederic Wills

1936 D.W. Mills

1937 Lawton Partington

1938 Lawton Partington

1939 Lawton Partington

1940 F. Stratholt

1941 J. Baines-Lewis

1942 J. Baines-Lewis

1943 J. Baines-Lewis

1944 J. Baines-Lewis

1945 N.R. Stewart

1946 N.R. Stewart

1947 N.R. Stewart

1948 N.R. Stewart

1950 James Marshall

1951 A.G. Moody

1953 H. Parry

1954 T. Curteis

1955 Dr. Simon Marinker
1956 Dr. Simon Marinker

1960 Lou Basanta
1964 Charles Birch
1964-1966 August Strodyk
1967 Charles Birch
1968 E.C.S. Woodcock
1969-1970 Charles Birch
1971-1972 Darrel Hunt
1973-1977 Charles Birch
1978-1979 Bob Van Zweeden

Victoria Chess Club (modern)
1992 Jody Tinney
1993-1994 Don Rycroft
1995-1998 Ed Seedhouse
1999-2000  Dan Scoones
2001  Dave Herder
2002-2006  Jim Craig
2006-2023 Roger Patterson

Locations (Victoria Chess Club and Predecessors):

Victoria Chess Club (original version):
1892-1895 Wilson Block
1895-1908 Five Sisters Block
1908 1208 Government
1912 Lee Building
1913-1914 Hibben-Bone Block
1915 625 Fort
1917 620 View
1918 Hibben-Bone Block
1920-1921 Metropolis Hotel, 712 Yates
1922 Arcade Building
1923-1926 303-612 View Street (Union Bank Building)
1927-1930 7-112 Government Street (Mahon Building)
1931-1941 YMCA, 1203 Blanshard

Victoria City Chess Club:
1932-1933 Maccabees Hall, Fort Street
1934-1953 1118 Langley Street
1955-1959 Royal Trust Building, Government and View
1959-1964 Westholme Hotel, Room 117 – 1417 Government Street
1965-1968 204-1104 Douglas Street (Kresge building)
1969-1972 Newstead Hall, (Knights of Columbus building), 734 Fort Street
1973-1974 Boardroom, Royal Athletic Park
1974-1975 Provincial Library, Quadra building
1975-1977 Camosun College downtown library, Quadra between View and Yates
1977-1978 Quadra Street Recreation Centre (Nelson’s Music building)
1979-1990 Crystal Pool, Quadra Street
1991 Victoria YMCA

Victoria Chess Club (modern version)
1991-1995 McDonalds Restaurant, Douglas Street at Fort Street
1996-2003 Silver Threads, Fisgard and Government
2004 James Bay Senior Centre, Menzies Street
2005-2013 Silver Threads, Government between Fisgard and Herald
2014 CNIB Building, Bay and Richmond
2015-2019 Victoria Central Library, Broughton Street

2022 (Feb-Oct) Monterey Recreation Centre

2022 (Nov) Esquimalt Recreation Centre


Victoria Chess Club Online.

During the COVID pandemic of 2020-2021, the club operated an online version of it's club on chess.com.     Weekly active events were held along with occasional other events (blitz and variants).   The club operated a Grand Prix competition for the first half of 2021.   Final standings for the Grand Prix event can be see here.  Crosstables for all of the online events on the club can be found here. 


The Victoria Chess Club has a number of trophies that have been awarded over the years.  These trophies are:


The Victoria Championship (1921-1930)

The Victoria Championship (1936-.....)

The Victoria Reserves Championship

The Summer Ladder Competition

The D.A. MacAdam Award

The Victoria High Schools Championship.


Winners of these trophies are listed below.


Victoria Championship (1921-1930)  The Gonnason Cup

Presented by A. Gonnason, March 1921.



The cup on the right is the Gonnason Cup awarded from 1921-1930.     The trophy on the left is the trophy awarded from 1936 onwards (see below).

For some more information on this Cup, see the BCCF bulliten #35 http://chess.bc.ca/Bulletins/bccfbulletin35.pdf


Starting in 2016, this cup will be used for the Victoria Chess Club Championship.


Gonnason Cup Winners:


1921 W.J. Barker

1922 A. Gonnason

1923 L. Partington

1924 W.J. Barker

1925 L. Partington

1926 L. Partington

1927 W.J. Barker

1928 F. Knowles

1929 W.J. Barker

1930 W.J. Barker

2016 Roger Patterson

2017 Roger Patterson

2018 Roger Patterson

2019 Roger Patterson

2020  No club champion awarded due to COVID-19 pandemic.

2022 Roger Patterson

2023 Roger Patterson


Victoria Championship (1936 -on wards)


Photo below: It is a very nice silver plated cup on a base and is recently restored by the club.

It is not clear if this is for a club championship or city championship, although the distinction may not be significant.    From 2012-2015, this cup was used for the Victoria Chess Club championship.   Starting in 2016, it is to be used for the top Victoria player in the Victoria Open.





1936   Lawton Partington
1937   E.Cox
1938   E.Cox
1939  A.G.Moody
1940  J.Baines-Lewis 
1941  C.H.Dodwell. 
1942  F.W.Plant
1943  Stonier
1944  N.R.Stewart
1945  F.W.Plant
1946  C.D.H.Moore
1947  J.Hobson
1948  C.D.H.Moore
1949  J.Hobson
1950  C.D.H.Moore
1951  Lionel Basanta
1952  T.N.Curteis
1953   Olavi Sarakannas
1954  T.N.Curteis – J.Baines –Lewis
1955  T.N.Curteis
1956  B.A.Potter
1957  Len Hall
1958  D.B.S.Marinker – L.Basanta
1959  J.Doesburg
1960  L.Basanta – J.Hobson
1961  J.Chapman
1962  J.Hobson
1963  O.Sarakannas
1964  O.Sarakannas
1965  A.Lane
1966  A.Lane
1967  A.Lane – Ed Seedhouse

1968  Ed Seedhouse

1969 Dan Scoones
1970 M. Emig
1971 H. Brown
1972 G. Adlkirchner
1975 G. Dinesco
1976 P. Levesque
2012 Roger Patterson
2013 Roger Patterson
2014 Roger Patterson
2015 Roger Patterson
2016 Harry Moore

2017 Valeria Gansvind

2021 Matthew Frietag

2022 Patrick Huang

2023 Howard Wu

2024 Roger Patterson




Victoria City Chess Club "B" Trophy

(Presented by F. W. Plant, 1948)



Apparently awarded to the winner of the Reserves Section of the Club Championship.   However, the years awarded do not match the years for the club championship trophy.

The plaque  is labled the "B Class Trophy" and was donated by F. W. Plant in 1948


Year Name
1948 O. Jowett
1949 A.F. Sheperd
1950 S. Turner
1950 R. Restall
1951 T. J. Stewart
1952 A. J. Drinkwater
1953 J. Lees
1954 J. A. Muir
1955 A. G. Higgs
1956 A. G. Higgs
1957 A. Colonval
1958 W. Luney
1959 Dr. M. L. Olsen
1961 A. Napierala
1962 E. Seedhouse
1964 C. E. Dalziel
1968 J. O'Neill
1969 M. Maniec
1970 L. D. Hunt
1971 J.E.C. Clarke
1972 C. Birch

R. Patterson


R. Patterson (crosstable)

2011 Ed Seedhouse, Alois Holzknech, Garth Edgar (crosstable)
2012 Roger Patterson
2013 Duncan Haines
2014 Alois Holzknech

Garth Edgar

Ivan Pauric

Roger Patterson

2018 Paul Leblanc
2019 Roger Patterson

Roger Patterson

2022 Roger Patterson
2023 Roger Patterson



Eric A. Cox Trophy for the winner of the Summer Ladder Competition 




(some first names have been added in place of initials where known)

Year Winner
1951 H. Parry
1952 O. Sarakannas
1953 T. N. Curteis
1954 Dr. S. Marinker
1955 Brian . A. Potter
1956 M.S. Horn
1957 Walter. de Havilland
1958 Lionel. M. Basanta
1958 W. J. Kobenter
1959 James. Hobson
1960 Lenard Hall
1961 Peter. Nixon
1962 O. Rasmussen

Ernst. Raeder;

Karl. Loeschnik

1964 August. Strodyk
1965 O. Rasmussen
1966 Ed Seedhouse
1967 E. Seedhouse
1968 D. Scoones

J. H. Brown-Hasse

(apparently jointly Harold Brown & Frank Hasse)

1970 Harry . R. Moore
1971 Phil. Mortimer
1975 Mike. K. Bateman
2009 R. Patterson (crosstable)
2010 G. Steininger (crosstable)

Jason Cao (crosstable)

2012 Roger Patterson (crosstable)
2013 Roger Patterson (crosstable)
2014 Duncan Haines (crosstable)
2015 Roger Patterson (crosstable)
2016 Duncan Haines, Ivan Pauric (crosstable)
2017 Roger Patterson
2018 Roger Patterson
2019 Roger Patterson
2022 Roger Patterson
2023 Roger Patterson



The D.A. MacAdam Award





Awarded to the winner of the MacAdam Memorial (previously held in the wintertime)


Names on Trophy:


1988 Leon Piasetski (crosstable)

1990 Gehard Neufahrt (crosstable)

1999 Jack Yoos (crosstable)

2000 Mike Carlisle (crosstable)

2001 Howard Wu (crosstable)

2002 Jack Yoos (crosstable)

2003 Valeria Gansvind (crosstable)

2004 Dan Scoones (crosstable)

2005 Jack Yoos (crosstable)

2006 Harry Moore (crosstable)

2009 Roger Patterson (crosstable)

2010 Gavin Steininger (crosstable )

2011 Gavin Steininger (crosstable)

2012 Roger Patterson (crosstable)

2013 Alois Holzknech (crosstable)

2014 Alois Holzknech (crosstable)

2015 Ivan Nicolici (crosstable)

2016 Ivan Pauric (crosstable)

2017 Ivan Pauric (crosstable)

2018 Roger Patterson & Reza Sardari (crosstable)

2019 Roger Patterson (crosstable)

2020 Roger Patterson (crosstable)

2022 Roger Patterson (crosstable)

2023 Roger Patterson (crosstable)

2024 Roger Patterson and Eli Grant (crosstable)


Victoria High School Championship.

(donated by J. Baines-Lewis F.R.S.A.)




Names on the trophy:

S. J. Willis Jr. High School
Victoria High School
Victoria High School
Victoria High School
Victoria High School
Victoria High School
Victoria High School
Victoria High School
1964 Victoria High School
1965 Victoria Sr. Sec.
1966 Claremont Sr. Sec.
1967 Victoria Sr. Sec.
1968 Oak Bay Sr. Sec.
1969 Oak  Bay Sr. Sec.
1970 Victoria High School
1986 Claremont Sec.
2019 Mt. Douglas High School
2020 Cancelled.  Pandemic
2021 Cancelled.  Pandemic
2023 Mt. Douglas High School
2024 Esquimalt High School










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