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CYCC Active Fundraiser

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The turnout was a respectable 21 players.   Howard Wu and Paul Leblanc won the event with 4.5/5.   It could have easily been different as their game with each other was marked by both blundering pieces back and forth beforre coming to a draw.   Top U1700 was Kevin Pickell with 3.5.   Door prizes went to Steven Hansen in his first chess tournament in many years and Tom Patterson.   All in all, $260 was raised to support this years CYCC to be held in Victoria. 


Elliot Raymer directed with assistance from Mark S. Dutton, IA.   Paul Leblanc was the organizer.  Expenses were covered by Paul Leblanc, Roger Patterson, and the Victoria Chess Club.  Additional donations were received from Elliot Raymer and Nick Milonis (Thankyou!).


The event was rated by the Victoria Chess Club.  Post event VCC ratings are listed in the crosstable at the end of the page.



Photo:  Paul Leblanc presenting Brian Raymer of  Victoria Junior Chess with the funds raised.   More photos (untitled)  at: http://www.londondrugs.com/LDPS/psimaging/ViewAlbum.htm?&id=752091 (plus a few non chess photos).





SwissSys Standings. CYCCFundRaiser

# Name  



Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prize
1 Howard Wu   2208 W15 W13 W7 D2 W6 4.5  
2 Paul Leblanc   1861 X--- W20 W6 D1 W7 4.5  
3 Pablo Diemecke   1950 U--- W5 W9 W11 W8 4.0  
4 Derek Chu   1831 W16 L6 D8 W18 W14 3.5  
5 Kevin Pickell   1826 D18 L3 W21 W20 W12 3.5  
6 Roger Patterson   2209 X--- W4 L2 W12 L1 3.0  
7 Bill Tate   1837 W9 W11 L1 W10 L2 3.0  
8 Chris Eve   1740 W10 D12 D4 W15 L3 3.0  
9 Jason Cao   1759 L7 W14 L3 W16 W17 3.0  
10 TianTian Geng   1698 L8 B--- W13 L7 W18 3.0  
11 Raza Sardari   1705 W14 L7 W20 L3 W15 3.0  
12 Mark Dutton   1904 W19 D8 W18 L6 L5 2.5  
13 Lorne Hunt   1835 L17 L1 L10 W21 W20 2.0  
14 Steve Hansen   1542 L11 L9 W19 W17 L4 2.0  
15 Philip Boyle   1622 L1 W16 W17 L8 L11 2.0  
16 Jill Ding   1423 L4 L15 B--- L9 W19 2.0  
17 Tom Patterson   1411 W13 W19 L15 L14 L9 2.0  
18 Mike Bateman   1471 D5 W21 L12 L4 L10 1.5  
19 Garth Edgar   1314 L12 L17 L14 B--- L16 1.0  
20 Braven Rayne   1298 W21 L2 L11 L5 L13 1.0  
21 Alec Xu   995 L20 L18 L5 L13 B--- 1.0  




CYCC and activities scheduled around the CYCC (including the BC Open, Canadian Junior)

Victoria Chess Club

Victoria Junior Chess


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