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The club is currently meeting each Wednesday from 6:15-8:45 a the Monerey Rec Center, Dogwood Room, 1442 Monterey Ave (Oak Bay)



On the first Wednesday of each month, we hold a round of the club championship, known as the Gonnason Cup with the winner declared at the end of the year.  A round is two games with your opponent, one as white and one as black.   Time control is an active time control.


On the third Wednesday, we hold 2 rounds of a seasonal event (lasting for 4 months, 8 rounds in total).    One game against each opponent at an active time control.


Remaining wednesdays are casual chess (no formal event) although we may from time to time organize something.   Casual chess is always available on all Wednesdays.


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Current & Upcoming Events:



Jack Taylor Memorial: Oct. 14-16, Sydney $4000 Guaranteed Prize Fund   


Rapid Chess Fundraiser: Nov. 26, Victoria   (for players U1400) 


BC Open: Feb 18-20, 2023  Richmond 


Grand Pacific Open: April 7-10, Victoria  $8000 Guaranteed Prize Fund 



Crosstables for all completed club events can be found here:  



Other Events:


- a 5 round active fundraiser tournament is held twice a year


- The Grand Pacific Open (Easter)


- Jack Taylor Memorial (November, standard weekend Swiss)


Club Rating List & crosstable updates . 



You might also be interested in junior chess activities around Victoria.  See the Victoria Junior Chess website.


Results of previously held events are in the Archives.




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