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Jack Taylor 2008

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2008 Jack Taylor Memorial



Nov. 15-16, 2008


A 5 round CFC rated Swiss


Howard Wu breezed through the field to win clear 1st with 4.5 at the 23rd Jack Taylor Memorial.   Top under 1800 was Deron Stewart (1574) with 3.5  and upsets against higher rated opposition.   Deron generously donated his prize money to the Victoria Chess Club.  Also worthy of note was the result of Moise Herringer (1586) who defeated Roger Patterson (2246) and drew Paul Leblanc (1947).


This edition of the tournament featured a new location as an experiment - a downtown hotel as a change from the traditional (free) UVic campus.  This was appreciated by the participants and the combination of hotel / downtown access / included bar and restaurant went over well.  Unfortunately, this also came with a high level of noise from the adjacent ballroom which will have to be addressed for next year.


Thanks to all those who came, to our TD, Mark S. Dutton, IA, and once again to Deron for his donation.


1st and 2nd place winners (Howard Wu, Harry Moore)               Organizer and TD (Roger Patterson, Mark Dutton)          (photos courtesy of Nigel Hanrahan)



2008 Jack Taylor Final Standings:


Bear in mind in interpreting the standings below that the TD, Mark Dutton, stepped in to play the odd man out in the early rounds.  This tournament was run, as in previoius years, with a "no forced TD bye" policy.


# Name Rtng Post Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prize
1 Howard Wu 2224 2246 W17 W8 W2 W7 D6 4.5 $75 - 1st
2 Harry Moore 2263 2261 W11 W10 L1 W13 W7 4.0  
3 Mark S. Dutton 1931 1934 W20 W19 W16 H--- H--- 4.0  
4 Deron Stewart 1574 1646 L6 W16 D9 W8 W10 3.5 $50 - U18
5 Roger Patterson 2246 2228 L12 W9 W14 H--- H--- 3.0  
6 Glenn Morin 2233 2207 W4 W14 L7 D10 D1 3.0  
7 Paul Burke 2049 2060 W15 W12 W6 L1 L2 3.0  
8 Bill Tate 1797 1801 W19 L1 W12 L4 W13 3.0  
9 Paul Leblanc 1947 1925 H--- L5 D4 D12 W14 2.5  
10 Ken Forman 1808 1803 W16 L2 W17 D6 L4 2.5  
11 Nigel Hanrahan 1729 1720 L2 W15 L13 D17 W18 2.5  
12 Moise Herringer 1586 1634 W5 L7 L8 D9 W17 2.5  
13 Charlie Ozkan 1928 1910 H--- H--- W11 L2 L8 2.0  
14 David Findlay 1759 1754 W18 L6 L5 W15 L9 2.0  
15 Nick Milonas 1493 1487 L7 L11 W18 L14 W20 2.0  
16 Sam Hudson 1433 1434 L10 L4 L3 W20 W19 2.0  
17 Stewart Paulson 1541 1531 L1 W20 L10 D11 L12 1.5  
18 Greg Herringer 1164 1181 L14 H--- L15 W19 L11 1.5  
19 Garth Edgar 1333 1286 L8 L3 D20 L18 L16 0.5  
20 Petr Straka 1114 1112 L3 L17 D19 L16 L15 0.5  



TD: Mark S. Dutton, IA

Organizer: Roger Patterson


Previous winners of the Jack Taylor Memorial (Thanks to Stephen Wright)

2007 Jack Taylor Memorial

2006 Jack Taylor Memorial


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