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List of Registered Players

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 4 months ago
GPO Player List Updated Mar 20 2008
76 players    

Title Name Rating       Paid
    CFC FIDE      
FM Bindi Cheng 2352 2307 BC Junior Champion Burnaby, BC cheque
IM Lawrence Day 2312 2265   Weston, Ont cash
FM Jonathan Berry 2284 2233   Nanaimo, BC cheque
  Howard Wu 2257 2211   Victoria, BC cash
  Roger Patterson 2253 2140   Victoria, BC cash
  Brian McLaren 2246 2222 BC Champion Surrey, BC cheque
  David Bragg  2208   USCF Seattle, Wash  
  Olafur Kristjansson   2192   Iceland cash
  James Chan 2102 2044   Vancouver, BC cheque
  Eduardo Moura 2091 2237   Vancouver, BC  
  Ben Daswani 2053     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Hanniegn Pitre 2041     Seattle, Wash cheque
  Jim Daniluk 2037     Calgary, Alta cheque
  Pavel Trochtchanovitch 2010     Richmond, BC cheque
  Richard Huang 1975     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Yiming Han 1963     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Paul Leblanc 1955 2032   Victoria, BC cheque
  Charlie Ozkan 1950 1993   Victoria, BC  
  Arik Milner 1928 2047   Vancouver, BC  
  Art Milne 1914     Calgary, Alta  
  Evan Raymer 1907     Victoria, BC cash
  Philip Harris 1893     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Changhe Li 1878     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Jack Cheng 1847     Vancouver, BC cheque
WCM Alexandra Botez 1841     Port Moody BC cheque
  Charlie Jarquin 1839     Delta, BC cheque
  Bill Tate 1835     Victoria, BC cheque
  Tanraj Sohal 1825     Surrey, BC  
  Yifei Han 1819     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Anca Datcu-Romano 1815     Surrey, BC  
  Ken Forman 1810     Brentwood Bay, BC cheque
  Manuel Escandor 1809     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Elliot Raymer 1796     Victoria, BC cash
  Yascha Friesen 1739     Victoria, BC  
  Conrad Koke 1732     Saltspring Island, BC cheque
  Foster Tom 1727     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Cliff Jones 1715     Victoria, BC cheque
  Phil Boyle 1696     Chemainus, BC cheque
  Frank Qu 1673   USCF rating Seattle, Wash  
  Sam Churchill 1670     Victoria, BC  
  Peter St Loius 1654     Victoria, BC cash
  Kelvin Cletheroe 1645     Ft. St. John cheque
  Stewart Paulson 1604     Langley, BC cheque
  Donovan Zhao 1602     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Jingzhou (Peter) Lai 1600     Burnaby, BC cheque
  Boris Polonsky 1528     Victoria, BC cash
  Deron Stewart 1523     Gabriola, BC cheque
  Moise Herringer 1499     Black Cr, BC  
  Dylan Parker 1466     Burnaby, BC cheque
  Tim Rhodes 1459     Victoria, BC cheque
  Victoria Jung-Doknjas 1446     Surrey, BC  
  Malcolm Bowles 1423     Victoria, BC  
  John Doknjas 1388     Surrey, BC  
  Josh Renaud 1372     Victoria, BC  
  Jacob Jensen 1370     Surrey, BC  
  Jeremy Hui 1318     Burnaby, BC  
  Nathan Martin 1310     Victoria, BC cash
  Braden Rustand 1283     Nanaimo, BC cheque
  Tian Tian Geng 1280     Victoria, BC cash
  Edward Enns 1248     Coquitlam, BC  
  Greg Herringer 1208     Black Cr, BC  
  Algerd Karavai 1140     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Alejandro Torres-Lopez 1133     N. Vancouver BC  
  Chris Simpson 1111     Victoria, BC cheque
  Ivo Wright 1080     Vancouver, BC cheque
  Justin Wong 1080     W. Vancouver, BC cheque
  Daniel Lee 1069     W. Vancouver, BC cheque
  Dave Harper 1066     Campbell R, BC cheque
  Alex Datcu-Romano 1046     Surrey, BC  
  Joseph Chiu 1008     Delta, BC cheque
  Ryan Lo 984     Richmond, BC  
  Jill Ding 943     Victoria, BC  
  Karen Lam 903     Port Moody BC cheque
  Kenneth Lam 859     Port Moody BC cheque
  Kenneth Chiu 822     Delta, BC cheque
  Rob Tyler UNR     Victoria, BC  


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