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Online Club Information:


The Victoria Chess Club now has for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, an online club at chess.com


Active Event:  Every Thursday at 6:00 pm 


To join:

1) become a member of chess.com

2) go to the club page and join the club.  The Victoria Chess club page is here:

3) You can enter the tournament up to an hour beforehand.   To do so:

  a) get to the club page.   There should be a link to it on your home page under "My Clubs"

  b) under notes, there should be a link to the tournament.  Click on that.

  c)  Currently registered players is shown as well as a "Join" button.  Click on that


  i) alternatively, if there is no link on the club page, from your chess.com home page, use the menu to go "Play->Tournaments".   On the right hand side select "upcoming swiss tournaments" and find what is starting at 6:00 pm (might show a minute off, e.g, 6:01 or 5:59).



1) games start at 6:00 sharp.

2) after your game is finished, depending on the tournament mode (we are still experimenting) you will either be pairing automatically once all the games are finished or immediately with the next available player.

3) you can also watch other games (the tournament page will have a tab for pairings - click on the name of the player you want to watch) while you are waiting.

4) you can also challenge one of the spectators to a game if you are not in the tournament.


Misc:  info:

- The Duncan Chess Club also has an online club here: This club requires an invitation to join.   Contact Nigel Hanrahan (he's the administrator for that club, his handle is zatoichi123 , use the chess.com message function to contact him) 


Crosstables of Completed Online Events


This list will no longer be updated.   You can find a current archive of the online events here on chess.com.

June 24:  Winner Roger Patterson

June 17:  Winner Ian Cordon

June 10:  Winner Ian Cordon

June 3:  Winner Roger Patterson

May 27:  Winner Patrick Huang  

May 20:  Winner:  Patrick Huang (Patrick_Y_Huang)

May 13:  Winner Amir Afshar (AAshar83)

May 9:  Victoria CC Active (6 round, one day event) Winners:  Matthew Frietag,  Cosmin Filipescu (Hanging Bishop)

(May 6)  Winner: Roger Patterson (lrbp)

(April 29)  Winner:  Roger Patterson (lrbp)  

(April 22)  Winner:  Ian Cordon (cordonian) 

(April 15)  Winners:  Roger Patterson (lrbp) & Amir Afshar (AAfshar83) 



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