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Other Local Chess Activities

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Other Local Chess Activities

The listings below may be out of date.   If you are aware of changes, please let us know at victoriachessclub@gmail.com



Unfortunately, there tends to be not much available in Victoria.   The listing below suggest places to try but my be out of date.


Cook St. Village Activity Center  small program was offered  fall 2018 but has since stopped.   (last updated March. 2019)


Monterey Rec. Center.    Occasionally  classes for seniors are offered. [last update Nov. 2022]


Amir Masoud  Contact:  amasoud_t@yahoo.com [last update Dec. 2023]


Clubs and Casual Play:


Victoria Chess Club: Our Club! www.victoriachessclub.pbworks.com


Sidney Chess Club:  Since 2018 (last update Jan. 2020).  Meet every Tuesday in the small board room 2nd floor of the Shoal Center Sidney on Resthaven Drive.  (right across from the Sidney Public Library)  Weekly, Tuesdays 1- 4pm.  Casual chess, drop ins welcome.  Approximately 7 active members, looking for more.  We bring our own boards and hope for a good turnout.  Play all year around but maybe a little less during the summer by agreement of those in attendance.  Usually pay $2 per person for the room.  Adults and youth players welcome. Contact Jim 778-426-1941 or Mark 250-884-9389. 


Oak Bay Senior's Chess Club (50+):  at Monterey Recreation Centre 1442 Monterey Ave, 250 370 7300   www.recreation.oakbay.ca   Thursday 3:00pm-6:00pm.   No fee for occasional drop in players, regular players need a Monterey Membership ($45/yr) [last update March 2018]


Esquimalt Chess Club:  We have unconfirmed reports that the Esquimalt Chess club is meeting again (update Nov. 2013 -Tuesdays 1:00-3:00)  Try http://www.esquimalt.ca/recreation for more information.   Modest drop in fee.


Esquimalt Chess Classes: Classes for novices (adult and junior) have been offered in the past.   Our understanding is that in the future, some instruction can be found at the Esquimalt Chess Club.  Try http://www.esquimalt.ca/recreation for more information.


Duncan Chess Club: Wood Sense Chess Club, Time/Place: Mondays 6:00 PM to 7:50 PM, Vancouver Island Regional Library, 2687 James Street, Duncan BC V9L 2X5, Contact: Nigel at 250-701-1767 Email: Exclam.online@gmail.com weblog: http://gwyddbwyll.blogspot.ca/ VIRL link: http://virl.bc.ca/event/chess-club


CRD Square:  Seasonal play at CRD Square (Fisgard and Government), Sundays noon-4:00.   See Victoria Junior Chess for current information


Emmanuel Baptist Church  Junior chess club.  You should check the Victoria Junior Chess website below for times and other information on this club.

Emmanuel Baptist Church 2121 Cedar Hill Cross Rd, Victoria, BC V8P 2R6 | 250.592.2418  http://www.ebcvictoria.ca/

(last updated April 2024)


Chess in the Library:    In the past [pre-pandemic] sets were available to play at the Broughton St Brand and the Bruce Hutchinson branch.    No post pandemic update on this though.


Casual Chess at Starbucks:  Starbucks at Feltham and Shelbourne 11:00 Sundays. [last update April 2024]


Casual Chess at the Food Forum at the Bay downtown:  try Thurs. or Frid.  12:30   Might be erratic.  [last update April 2024]




Victoria Junior Chess Society:  Hosts junior events, junior tournaments throughout the school year,  as well as WIllows Beach and CRD Square activity.




Grand Pacific Open: The main weekend event of the year:  A 6 round FIDE and CFC rated event at Easter.


Jack Taylor Memorial: A 5 round event in  November or late October.  Watch the Victoria Chess Club webpage for updates.




Other events as posted on the main page of the Victoria Chess Club website.


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