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Jack Taylor Memorial 26th Annual Results

Page history last edited by roger patterson 11 years, 4 months ago

26th Annual Jack Taylor Memorial:


20 players turned up for this version of the Jack Taylor Memorial, the 26th annual.  This year the format was that CFC membership was not required but games between CFC members would be rated.   9 of the players, or nearly half, were not CFC members.  All games were rated by the Victoria Chess Club rating system.


Heading the field for 1st place were Ray Wu, one of the local juniors and James Chan from Vancouver.   Fortune was smiling on Ray though as he managed to hold a draw in a difficult endgame against the top rated Roger Patterson and drew James Chan as James decided to catch the early ferry rather than play on in a winning position.  


There was a 4 way tie for the U1800 prize between Ken Forman, Deron Stewart, and relative newcomers from Vancouver Constantin Rotariu and Mihai Ganea.


James Chan, Deron Stewart, Constantin Rotariu, and Mihai Ganea donated their prize money to Victoria Chess.  Many thanks!


Organizer:  Roger Patterson

TD:  Mark S. Dutton, IA


Some photos below - for more see this Facebook portfolio:


The full crosstable is given below or use the crosstable link to the Victoria Chess Club ratings database.


For more information on the namesake of this tournament, see this article on Jack Taylor.



Previous Jack Taylor Memorials:

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2010 Jack Taylor Memorial

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List of Previous Winners of the Jack Taylor Memorial (Thanks to Stephen Wright)


Ray Wu, co-winner, and the TD: Mark S. Dutton, IA



3 of the four U1800 winners:  Ken Forman, Mihai Ganea, and Constantin Rotariu



Final Crosstable:.   Ratings are VCC ratings.


No.NameOld RtgPerfNew Rtg12345Score
1. Wu, Ray 2029 2145 2060 +20B +7W =3B +8W =2B 4.0
2. Chan, James 2005 2075 2033 =13W +16B +5B +3W =1W 4.0
3. Patterson, Roger 2090 1980 2067 f +11B =1W -2B +4W 3.5
4. Forman, Ken 1761 1926 1805 +18W =8B +19W =5B -3B 3.0
5. Stewart, Deron 1735 1912 1785 +14W +19B -2W =4W =8B 3.0
6. Rotariu, Constantin 1633 1817 1683 -19W +18B +11W -7B +12W 3.0
7. Leblanc, Paul 1889 1806 1873 +10W -1B B +6W =9B 3.0
8. Weller, Tony 1816 1769 1809 +9B =4W +15B -1B =5W 3.0
9. Ganea, Mihai 1544 1742 1605 -8W +14B =13W +16B =7W 3.0
10. Sullivan, Brian 1616 1633 1622 -7B =12W -16W +14B +11W 2.5
11. Tate, Bill 1725 1558 1678 +12B -3W -6B +15W -10B 2.0
12. Ding, Jill 1585 1512 1566 -11W =10B =18W +13B -6B 2.0
13. Lapi, Louis 1642 1384 1586 =2B -15W =9B -12W +20B 2.0
14. Edgar, Garth 1365 1361 1366 -5B -9W +20B -10W +18W 2.0
15. Geng, Mathew 1374 1594 1406 B +13B -8W -11B  
16. Geng, Li 1599 1586 1593 B -2W +10B -9W  
17. Stringer, Lynn 1466 1466 1468 B +20W  
18. Roberts, Richard 1344 1282 1329 -4B -6W =12B +20W -14B 1.5
19. Ozkan, Charlie 2090 1576 2006 +6B -5W -4B  
20. McFetridge, Robert 933 933 923 -1W -17B -14W -18B -13W 0.0

Legend: T: TD Bye; B (except when showing color): half point bye; f: forfeit win; F: forfeit loss.




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