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Canadian Open Bughouse

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Bughouse Results:


Sorry, a few of the teams are not identified....


2012 Canadian Open Bughouse Championship  
Team Name Players Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot Prizes
The Plotkins Victor and Mark Plotkin W13 W4 W3 W2 W8 W7 6 1st
The Unknown Janak Awatramani and Tanraj Sohal W9 W7 W12 L1 W3 W4 5 2nd
Ultralucas Noam Davies and Benedict Daswani W10 W8 L1 W7 L2 W12 4 3rd
Team Lucas Lucas Davies and Lucas Davies W14 L1 W9 W13 W6 L2 4 3rd
The Galloping Knights   L6 L10 W14 W15 D12 W8 3.5  
The WC's Jason Cao and Steven Zierk W5 L12 L13 W10 L4 W14 3  
Arthur Calugar & Benjamin Blium Arthur Calugar and  Benjamin Blium W15 L2 W11 L3 W13 L1 3  
The Suicide Assassins John Doknjas and Max Gedajlovic W11 L3 W10 W12 L1 L5 3  
sac sac mate Ashley Tapp and Omar Jessa L2 W15 L4 W11 L14 B--- 3  
The Big Bad bugs Joshua Doknjas and Neil Doknjas L3 W5 L8 L6 B--- W15 3  
404 Name Not found Nick Peters and Jordan L L8 B--- L7 L9 W15 W13 3  
Durlach   B--- W6 L2 L8 D5 L3 2.5  
Bananna Pandas Jill Ding and Brendon Lee L1 W14 W6 L4 L7 L11 2  
The Asian invasion Lionel Han and Alex Lin L4 L13 L5 B--- W9 L6 2  
Flaming Queens Kai Richardson and Rowan James L7 L9 B--- L5 L11 L10 1  


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