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Results: 27th Annual Jack Taylor Memorial

Page history last edited by roger patterson 10 years, 3 months ago

27th Annual Jack Taylor Memorial

Nov. 10-11, 2012

Victoria, BC


18 people took part in the 27th annual Jack Taylor Memorial, a typical number for this tournament.   Pre-registration  at 20 people plus a few late entries was promising to be a larger than usual crowd but a few no-shows and sickness  cut down the number somewhat.


The winners were Constantin Rotariu and Paul Leblanc.  The deciding game was eventful with Paul establishing a clear and decisive advantage but then things went horribly wrong.

(White: Rotariu, Black: Leblanc - going from memory so a pawn or two might be wrong)

Constantin found 1. Rg6 in time pressure but after 1......fg followed up with 2. f7+? Kf7 3. Ng5+ eventually drawing.    Instead, 2. Ng5! is a pleasing crusher.  The spectators were all very disappointed.


Good results were also turned in by many of the juniors who are moving up in the rankings.


A photo album has been posted by the TD on Facebook (tournament photos, historical photos relating to Jack Taylor and misc. other stuff)


Thanks to the winners Constantin & Paul for donating their prizes to Victoria Chess!


Thanks to Mark for his work as TD.



For a  biography on Jack Taylor see http://www.chessville.com/vignettes/JackTaylor.htm


Organizer: Roger Patterson

TD: Mark S. Dutton, IA 


Crosstable in VCC database:


No.NameOld RtgPerfNew Rtg12345Score
1. Rotariu, Constantin 1683 2084 1784 +19W =4B +11B +7W =2W 4.0
2. Leblanc, Paul 1903 1981 1923 +15W +3B +5W B =1B 4.0
3. Stewart, Deron 1789 1894 1822 +14B -2W +16B +8W =4W 3.5
4. Patterson, Roger 2052 1810 2004 =6B =1W +13B +5W =3B 3.5
5. Haines, Duncan 1686 1851 1729 +17B +8W -2B -4B +12W 3.0
6. Ding, Jill 1627 1758 1664 =4W -12W +14B +13W =7B 3.0
7. Richardson, Ross 1828 1726 1798 +13B =11W +12B -1B =6W 3.0
8. Forman, Ken 1789 1592 1745 +16W -5B +10W -3B +14W 3.0
9. Reny, Alex 0 1531 1531 -11B -13W +15B +19W +16B 3.0
10. James, Rowan 1347 1627 1423 =12B =15W -8B +16W =11B 2.5
11. Geng, Tian Tian 1767 1615 1725 +9W =7B -1W =12B =10W 2.5
12. Tate, Bill 1688 1571 1656 =10W +6B -7W =11W -5B 2.0
13. Peters, Nick 1465 1518 1477 -7W +9B -4W -6B +19B 2.0
14. Huang, Patrick 1355 1339 1350 -3W +19B -6W +17B -8B 2.0
15. Milonas, Nikolas 1510 1298 1474 -2B =10B -9W B +17W 2.0
16. Edgar, Garth 1383 1174 1338 -8B +17W -3W -10B -9W 1.0
17. Lathwell, Jordan 1001 1073 1007 -5W -16B +19W -14W -15B 1.0
18. Catona, Dan 1889 1889 1889 F  
19. McFetridge, Robert 923 707 897 -1B -14W -17B -9B -13W 0.0

Legend: T: TD Bye; B (except when showing color): half point bye; f: forfeit win; F: forfeit loss.



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List of Previous Winners of the Jack Taylor Memorial (Thanks to Stephen Wright)

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